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Valencia, The Basque Country and Cantabria  updated their laws for protection and landscape management in 2014.

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Spain/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

Within the Spanish urban law, the 2/2008 Royal Decree Act, which approves the revised text of the Land Act, regulates the conditions that guarantee equality in constitutional rights and obligations related to land. It also establishes the economic and environmental basis of its legal status, its valuation and the responsibility of public authorities in this field (Article1). According to this Royal Decree Act and under the principle of sustainable development, public policies should promote the rational use of natural resources concerning the regulation, management, occupation, transformation and land use, ensuring the effectiveness of conservation measures and enhancing the cultural heritage and landscape (Article2). Regarding the duties of citizens, this Royal Decree Act states the obligation to respect and help preserve the environment, historical heritage and the natural and urban landscape, refraining from any action or activity not allowed by law (Article5).

At regional level, there are several communities that have their own laws for protection and landscape management. This is the case in the Valencian Community (5/2014 Act that substitutes and repeals the 4/2004 Act), Catalonia (8/2005 Act), Galicia (7/2008 Act), Basque Country (20/2014 Decree), and Cantabria (4/2006 Act and 4/2014 Act).

Chapter published: 24-06-2015

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