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Spain/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.3 Other relevant issues and debates

Responsibility for Bullfighting was transferred from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Culture by the Socialist government in 2011 (Royal Decree 1151/2011). The encouragement of bullfighting by the Popular government led to the approval, firstly, of the 18/2013 Act for the regulation of bullfighting as cultural heritage and, secondly, in December 2013, of the PENTAURO, the first National Strategic Plan on Bullfighting. The Plan, which is the result of a comprehensive analysis, aims to "promote and guarantee the free exercising of bullfighting, updating and transmitting to society the significance of its values and the timeliness of its culture". The government's interest in bullfighting has clashed with the strong opposition from a part of the civil society that sees in it a threat to the rights of animals and of some regions, as Catalonia that has abolished bullfighting in its territory (see chapter 8.4.3). From Catalan politics, the revitalisation of bullfighting by the Popular government is mainly seen as an attempt to reaffirm Spanish identity throughout the territory.

See also chapter 5.3.3.

Chapter published: 24-06-2015

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