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Architecture and design have been added to the list of cultural fields supported by the Ministry of Culture, both for policy and programme development.

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Slovenia/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.2 National definition of culture

According to the Act Regulating the Realisation of the Public Interest in the Field of Culture (2002) cultural activities are defined as all forms of creation, communication and conservation of cultural assets in the field of cultural heritage, literature, performing arts, music, visual arts, film, audio-visual arts and other arts as well as in the field of the new media and in the field of publishing, libraries, cinematography and in other fields of culture. In this practically unlimited framework, it is the task of The National Programme for Culture to formulate the public interest and therefore define the scope of public intervention in culture.

In this context, the National Council for Culture proposed to add the area of architecture and design to the list of cultural fields, which has been absent as well from any cultural policy measures.

Chapter published: 11-02-2015

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