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Slovakia/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

The Art Funds represent a special tool for authors and interpreters in Slovak culture. Pursuant to Act No. 13/1993 on Art Funds, the art funds are public, non-profit institutions with self-governing administrations. The funds have been established with the purpose to support creative literary, scientific and artistic activities in the following areas:

  • Literary Fund for the areas of literary arts (original and translated literature, literary science and criticism), theatre, films, radio, TV and entertainment arts;
  • Music Fund for the areas of classical and popular music, as well as for musical sciences and criticism; and
  • Visual Arts Fund for areas of visual arts, architecture, photography, restoration arts, design and visual arts, sciences and criticism.

Financial sources for the funds come from:

  • contributions from royalties for authors and performance artists (amounting 2%);
  • contribution for usage of free artistic works in entrepreneurial activities;
  • contributions from users of artistic works; and
  • contributions from manufacturers and importers of un-recorded media ("blank tape levy").

The funds provide scholarships, production grants, awards, travel contributions, loans for supporting creative activities and other forms of support (social contributions for pensioners etc.). The funds may establish and administer their foundations in accordance with special regulations. The funds administer facilities designated for creative or recreation activities of authors, performance artists and other people actively involved in the artistic circles.

Chapter published: 15-01-2008

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