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Slovakia/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.1 Cultural infrastructure: tendencies & strategies

Fundamental changes in the structure of cultural institutions, due to changes in ownership relations, were carried out in Slovakia in the 1990s. The restitution of property to individuals and churches had an impact on changes in the ownership structure of historic landmarks. The privatisation of former state institutions was carried out in some sectors of the cultural industries (publishing houses, magazines, music companies, agency activities, audiovisual production). The promotion of private undertakings brought considerable development to the creative industries, in some sectors (advertising, graphic design, industrial design, architecture). An important step was undertaken by implementation of the so-called dual system of television and radio broadcasting and the entry of private broadcasters into the media market.

The above structural changes were followed by the transformation of the public administration and the transfer of some competences in the area of culture from the central level to regional and local self-administration (see chapter 3.2).

In 2007, a system of the division of competences in the area of culture was stabilised in the Slovak Republic.

Chapter published: 16-02-2011

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