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Slovakia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.4 Literature and libraries

The basic legal rule regulating the operation of the library system in Slovakia is Act No. 183/2000 Coll. dated 12 May 2000 on Libraries. This Act regulates the position and responsibilities of libraries, their establishment, the provision of library and information services to the public, the protection, use and access to historic library documents and the Historic Library Fund. According to this Act, the library system is part of a state information system consisting of the Slovak National Library, scientific libraries, university libraries, public libraries, school libraries and special libraries. The Act regulates the establishment of libraries, the rights and obligations of their founders, categorisation of libraries, financing of libraries, provision of library and information services, declaration of historic library documents and the Historic Library Fund.

In Slovakia, no special legal regulations regulating the area of literature, translation and the book market were adopted. The following related Acts regulate this area:

  • Act No. 32/2001 Coll. on Obligatory Copies (refers to periodicals, non periodicals and copies of audiovisual work);
  • Copyright Act; and
  • Act No. 13/1993 on Artist Funds.

Chapter published: 15-01-2008

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