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Slovakia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

The most important legal documents in the area of cultural heritage are:

  • Declaration of the National Council of the Slovak Republic on the protection of cultural heritage No. 91/2001 (see chapter 2.2);
  • Act No. 49/2002 Coll. on the Protection of Historical Monuments - regulating the conditions for the protection of cultural monuments and preservation. This Act defines the Historic Monuments Fund as a set of movable and immovable objects declared, pursuant to the above Act, to be national cultural monuments, architectural reserves and conservation zones; the Act further regulates the organisation and activities and competences of state administration bodies and the bodies of local self-governments, including the rights and obligations of owners and other legal entities and the imposition of fines as a consequence of illegal proceedings related to the protection of historic monuments;
  • Act No. 200/1994 Coll. on the Chamber of Restorers and on the Performance of Restoration Work carried out by its members (the Chamber is a self-governing, apolitical and professional association of all restorers entered in the member list;
  • Act No. 115/1998 Coll. on Museums and Galleries and on the Protection of Objects of Museum and Gallery Value- this Act regulates the preservation of objects of museum and gallery value as a part of cultural heritage, the creation of conditions enabling their protection, their use and accessibility in a manner which enables the spreading of knowledge, the scientific research and the familiarisation with history, culture and nature of Slovakia; the Act defines an object of museum and gallery value, a museum collection and a gallery collection, and museums and galleries as specialised organisations;
  • Act No. 61/2000 Coll. on Public Education; and
  • Act No. 270/1995 Coll. on the Official Language of the Slovak Republic.

Chapter published: 16-02-2011

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