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Slovakia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.3 Allocation of public funds

Public resources in the area of culture are distributed in accordance with the budget vote of the Ministry of Culture and the budgets of autonomous regions, towns and villages. The basic distribution of public resources at the central level is stipulated in the Act on the State Budget of the Slovak Republic for the relevant budget year (identical with the calendar year). At the level of public administrative bodies, the distribution of budgets for autonomous regions, towns and villages is predetermined by the decisions made by their autonomous bodies (representative bodies).

Financial Funds, in the budget voted upon by the Ministry of Culture, are distributed to individual budget programmes on the following basic structure:

  • Creation, propagation, protection and presentation of cultural values:
    • institutional support of state subsidised and non-profit organisations;
    • a grant system; and
    • aid to the broadcasting of public media.
  • Creation and implementation of policies:
    • the conception of a cultural policy and management and co-ordination of programmes; and
    • churches and religious organisations.
  • Economic mobilisation of the Ministry of Culture (sub-programme of the programme coordinated by the National Economic Development Office).

For more detailed classification and a financial summary of the budget expenditure voted upon by the Ministry of Culture, see chapter 6.2.3.

The Ministry of Culture itemises funds for the state budget according to the Act on Budget Rules and the Act on the State Budget for the relevant year. The summary of tasks and processes that are provided by individual organisations for the relevant year, in accordance with the subject of activities of the particular organisation, form an integral part of the specification for the subsidised organisations.

Grants from the Ministry of Culture are distributed in accordance with a principle of open competition (tendering) for individual projects and activities. Individual applications for a subsidy from programmes of the grant system are assessed by the relevant special commissions, which are the advisory bodies of the Minister of Culture. The commissions also propose the amounts for the subsidy. On the basis of applications approved by the Minister of Culture, the Ministry concludes Agreements on the Providing of a Grant from the budget of the Ministry of Culture for individual applicants.

At the level of autonomous regions, the distribution of finances designated for culture is based on contributions to activities. A markedly smaller part of the budget for autonomous regions is designated as being distributed by means of tendering. One priority of the cultural policy at this level of public administration should be the gradual increase of the volume of financial resources distributed by means of an open competition for projects (tendering).

Chapter published: 16-02-2011

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