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Slovakia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

The National Council of the Slovak Republic is the main legislative body. The Ministry of Culture is the central body of the state administration in the area of culture. The responsibilities of the Ministry of Culture include the preparation of laws relating to culture, amendment procedures - consideration of draft laws submitted by other resorts and the assessment of those proposals from the point of view of culture and cultural policy. The Ministry of Culture issues ordinances, directives and other execution regulations relating to legislation in force.

The Ministry of Culture is entitled to establish state organisations operating in the area of culture.

The decentralisation of state power and the transfer of some competences to autonomous regions, towns and villages (see chapter 3.2), in the area of culture were stipulated in Act No. 302/2001 Coll. and by other legal regulations in the area of culture.

Lower bodies of public administration issue generally binding regulations, in accordance with their competences: These regulations must be approved by autonomous bodies (representative bodies) and their legal application is within the territory of the relevant autonomous region (or town or village).

A direct interconnection between legislation at the level of the Ministry of Culture and generally binding regulations issued by lower bodies of public administration is not specified by the law. Individual autonomous regions (and to some extent also towns and villages) form their own strategies of cultural development and concepts of cultural policy. The mutual co-ordination of these concepts and the assessment of their conformity with the strategy and the performance of a cultural policy at the level of a central state administration is neither ensured by any binding legal regulations, nor by an agreement concluded between the Ministry of Culture and public administration bodies.

Chapter published: 16-02-2011

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