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Slovakia/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

One of the basic objectives of this government is the gradual increase of state subsidies for culture, in order that the share of public resources equals the usual value in other EU member states. The broadening of possibilities for a multi-resource financing of culture is a related priority, so that culture does not depend on public resources for the major part of its maintenance. In connection with the above priorities, the government of the Slovak Republic pledged, in its Programme Declaration for the period 2006 - 2010, to prepare an "Act on Financing Culture". This Act specifies the main directions and types of resources for the financing of cultural activities, as well as mechanisms of distribution, control and for the monitoring of the usefulness of public resources.

The main objectives of the Programme Declaration of the Government of the Slovak Republic have been elaborated by the Ministry of Culture for the period 2006 -2010:

  • to create a new legislative, financial and organisational framework for the functioning of statutory media;
  • to form legislative and institutional preconditions for the development of facilities for mass communication (Act on Digital Broadcasting, amendment to Copyright Act, new Act on Press, Act on Press Agency of the Slovak Republic);
  • to create conditions for the revival of an audiovisual culture by supporting and sponsoring both authentic Slovak productions and European co-productions (Act on Audiovisual Fund) and by enlarging the share of Slovak dubbing broadcasts;
  • to process the conception of media teaching;
  • to create conditions for the constant preservation of ancient monuments, the protection of preservation areas and national cultural monuments;
  • to create a financial reserve for the purchase of objects for museums and galleries at foreign auctions;
  • to support and develop the local and regional culture and traditional / folk culture;
  • to adopt legislative solutions for the possibility of providing state guarantees in connection with the import of collections of great artistic value in order to arrange exhibitions of a European calibre;
  • to support and develop the culture of ethnic minorities and the disadvantaged groups of our citizens;
  • to provide assistance with solving the problems of national cultural institutions (the modernisation of facilities, the overall economic stabilisation and content development);
  • to place emphasis on the increase in the access to culture as a tool for enlarging the value of human life;
  • to develop and protect the Slovak language;
  • to develop authentic Slovak art - literature, theatre, film, television, radio art, music and creative art;
  • to preserve the harmonic relationship with religions and religious groups, and to support their social, cultural, educational and other public activities.

These general objectives have been developed into concrete legislative, economic and organisational tasks. A great number of them are realised by the Ministry of Culture in co-operation with other bodies of state administration (The Ministry of Finance / Treasury Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Justice, the National Economic Development Office, the Office of Industry Ownership of the Slovak Republic) and public organisations (Slovak Television, Slovak Radio, the Slovak Academy of Science).

Most important legislative tasks to be undertaken in the period of 2006 -2010 are:

  • Act on Financing Culture (to 31 December 2008);
  • Act on Fees for "Public Service Broadcasting" (draft bill submitted in May 2007);
  • Act on Digital Broadcasting (approved on 29 March 2007);
  • Amendment to the Copyright Act (approved on 6 February 2007);
  • Act on a Free Press (draft bill submitted in June 2007);
  • Act on the Press Agency of the Slovak Republic (till 31 December 2007);
  • Audiovisual Act (approved on 20 June 2007);
  • European Agreement on the Protection of an Audiovisual Heritage and the Protocol on the Protection of Television Production (ratified on 10 May 2007);
  • Act on the Audiovisual Fund (under preparation in December 2007);
  • UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (approved by the National Council of the Slovak Republic on 18 December 2006);
  • Amendment to the Act on Museums and Galleries and on the Protection of Objects of Museum and Gallery Value (draft bill submitted in August 2007);
  • Act on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage (till 31.12.2007);
  • Amendment to the Act on the Protection of a Cultural Monuments (till 30.9.2008);
  • Act on the Provision of State Guarantees in connection with the import and export on collections of objects of high artistic value (till 31.3.2008);
  • Amendment to the Act on Official Language (till 31.12.2007); and
  • Amendment to the Act on Freedom of Religion and the Position of Church and Religious Societies.

The most important strategic and conceptual tasks of the period 2006 -2010 are:

  • the proposal for an optimisation of the infrastructure for public service media under broadcasting digitalisation (Resolution dated 23 May 2007);
  • draft agreement between the state, Slovak Television and Slovak Radio regarding the contents and the financial guarantee for the operation of public service media (till 30 June 2008);
  • strategy of digitalisation of audiovisual heritage (till 31.12.2007);
  • a concept of media education (till 31 December 2009);
  • a strategy on the development of museums and galleries till 2011 (approved by the government of the Slovak Republic on 20 December 2006);
  • the strategy on the development of Slovak librarianship for the time period between 2008 -2013 (approved by the government of the Slovak Republic on 7 November 2007);
  • the strategy on the purchase of objects of museum and gallery value (till 31.3.2008);
  • a concept on the care and maintenance of traditional culture (approved by the government of the Slovak Republic on 8 August 2007);
  • a concept on the development of local and regional culture (draft plan made in 2007);
  • a concept on ensuring the presentation of Slovak culture and art abroad (draft conception submitted in June 2007); and
  • a conception on the protection of cultural monuments (2008).

Chapter published: 26-02-2008

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