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Serbia/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.2 Key organisations and portals

Cultural policy making bodies

Ministarstvo kulture, informisanja i informacionog društva
(Ministry of culture, information and information society of Republic of Serbia)

Nacionalnisavetzakulturu (National Council for Culture)

Grad Beograd (City of Belgrade)

Grad Novi Sad (City of Novi Sad)

Cultural Contact point – Serbia

Government of the Republic of Serbia

Provincial Secretariat for Culture

Republic Broadcasting Agency

Professional associations

REMONT - Independent Art Association

Udruzenje likovnih umetnika (Association of Visual Artists)

Udruzenje primenjenih umetnika (Association of Applied Artists)

AsocijacijaNezavisna kulturnascenaSrbije (Association of Independent cultural scene of Serbia)

SCen (Centre for Scene Design, Theatre Architecture and Technology)

Grant-giving bodies

Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans (Belgrade)

Fund for Open Society, Belgrade

Nis Art Foundation

Cultural statistics and research

Centre for Study of Cultural Development, Belgrade

Review Kultura, Belgrade

Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade

Serbia Citation Index

Creative Economy Group

Culture / arts portals

Seecult-portal for South East European Cultures

Radio and Television B92

Theatre Serbia


Rastko Project

Communication: A portal for the Electronic Edition of Cultural and Academic Reviews

Balkankult foundation

Dah Theater

Archive of Serbia

Kulturni Centar Rex and Working Group for Promoting Intercultural Dialogue of Ministry of Culture

Chapter published: 18-08-2015

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