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Serbia/ 3. Competence, decision-making and administration  

3.1 Organisational structure (organigram)

Ministry of Culture and Public Information

Since 2010, the responsibility for international cooperation and European integration, after abolishment of the Department responsible, has been spread throughout the Ministry. Each Sector has continued to work and develop the already commenced programmes and projects in the framework of international cooperation. Now, the Ministry is preparing a path for the re-creation of a specific department for European integration and international relations.

In 2010, The Cultural Contact Point was integrated within the Ministry, temporarily attached to the Media department, while assessment of their work is carried out by the Assistant Minister for Contemporary Arts and Creative industries. In November 2012 the CCP was moved out of the Ministry in order to leave more space for the new cultural administration. CCP has moved to the building of the Vuk Karadžić Foundation, an independent organisation, although regularly subsidised. With the new Creative Europe programme in 2014, the Ministry dissolved the CCP and opened the Creative Europe Desk inside the Ministry with existing personnel, further incorporating the work of the desk.

The current organisation of the Ministry of Culture and Information (set up in 2013) is as follows:

Picture: Organigram of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Picture: Organigram of the Vojvodina Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information.

Chapter published: 14-08-2015

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