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San Marino/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.3 Trends and indicators for private cultural financing

Foundations often sponsor artistic events and encourage the acquisition of works of art (see chapter 7.3). Moreover, institutions benefit from donations by private citizens, who leave their cultural goods for collective use. Therefore, there is a positive trend in this sense, as testified to by the 2010 donation to the University Library of the Ronchey Collection, a book heritage made up of more than three thousand volumes belonging to the personal library of the journalist and writer Alberto Ronchey (see chapter 4.2.2).

Regarding sponsorship and financing by private citizens in favour of the cultural sector, it is worth highlighting the initiative "A book under the tree", launched by the State Library and Book Heritage between December 2011 and January 2012 which was aimed at promoting each and everyone's active participation, as well as an increase in the collective book heritage and in the number of users of this Cultural Institute. More than 50 new books, chosen among those indicated in specific lists at the main San Marino bookstores, have become part of the common book heritage thanks to several generous donors. This direct involvement of users-citizens demonstrates their sense of belonging to San Marino and the love they feel for their country, as well as the interest they pay in the State Library, which promotes ancient historical and important origins. The public responded with enthusiasm also to the second edition of this initiative promoted by the State Library. 51 donors contributed to the growth of this cultural Institute by donating 65 books, chosen among those indicated in the lists deposited at the libraries involved, besides another 10 books spontaneously added by some donors. This is a further demonstration that the Library is very important to citizens and readers, who want to share their literary tastes. Each book donated has the name of the donor on its bookmark.  

Private parties and representatives of the San Marino entrepreneurship have demonstrated a particular awareness, together with a proactive spirit of collaboration, in organising and financially supporting some events integrating those of public institutions. On many occasions, these events put together entertainment activities and solidarity and social cohesion initiatives.

The "San Marino Film Festival" (see chapter 1 and chapter 3.4.6) was created and organised by a San Marino entrepreneur and this event underlines once again the effectiveness of the synergy between public and private.

With regard to future trends and indicators, the present government is in favour of the creation of an Arts Foundation, both public and private, based at the new exhibition centre (see chapter 7.1 hereunder), to which banking foundations or other private citizens might contribute.

Chapter published: 07-10-2015

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