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San Marino/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

The following legislation has been categorised according to (a) its scope of application; (b) the role and functions of bodies operating within that scope:

(a)   Law of 16 September 1946 - Regulation of the State Archive;

Law n. 17 of 10 June 1919 - Law Safeguarding and Preserving Monuments, Museums, Excavations, Antique and Art Objects.

Law n. 87 of 19 July 1995 - Single text of Town Planning and Building Laws.

Law n. 30 of 18 February 1998 - General rules on the State Accounting System.

Law n. 126 of 16 November 1995 - Framework Law for the Protection of the Environment and the Safeguard of Landscape, Vegetation and Flora.

Law n. 147 of 28 October 2005 - List of Artefacts and Buildings having Monumental Importance.

Law n. 133 of 22 September 2009 - Framework Law on the Protection, Management, Enhancement and Promotion of the Property "Historic Centre of San Marino and Mount Titano", included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Law n. 5 of 25 January 2011 - Law on Structural Planning.

(b)   Law no. 50 of 11 May 2012 - Protection and Preservation of Documentary and Archival Heritage of the Republic.

Decree n. 46 of 29 December 1955 - Enforceability of the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and of the Relevant Regulations and Protocol signed in the Hague on 14 June 1954.

Law n. 98 of 11 December 1980 - Reestablishment of the Commission referred to in Title II of Law n. 17 of 10 June 1919.

Law n. 58 of 8 July 1981 - Protection of Rural Buildings of particular Historical, Environmental and Cultural Interest.

Decree n. 105 of 4 December 1984 - Accession to the 1950 UNESCO Florence Agreement on the Importation of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Materials and the relevant Nairobi Protocol of 1976.

Law n. 109 of 19 September 1990 - Amendment of Law n. 8 of 13 February 1980 establishing the San Marino National Commission for UNESCO.

Decree n. 67 of 28 May 1991 - Ratification of the UNESCO Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Decree n. 47 of 30 June 1992 - Ratification of the Agreement between the Republic of San Marino and the Holy See.

Law n. 9 of 17 January 1997 - Law on the Establishment of the San Marino Naturalist Centre.

Chapter published: 07-10-2015

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