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San Marino/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

Considering the small territorial size of San Marino (approx. 61 km2), a clear-cut distinction between central and local authorities, the latter consisting of 9 municipalities called "Castles", is almost pointless. Law no. 127 of 2013 defines the functions and powers of local authorities in all sectors, including culture. The Law assigns a significant role to the Township Councils within the institutional framework of the country, to be carried out, however, in close cooperation with the central authorities. The recently approved Law repeals proceeding Laws no. 22/1994, no. 97/2002 and no. 36/2009, with the objective to simplify the election of the Heads of the Township Councils, enhancing their role and conferring more power and autonomy upon them (see also chapter 3.2 for recent developments concerning the law amending the legislation on Township Councils).

Chapter published: 07-10-2015

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