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San Marino/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.2 Public actors and cultural diplomacy

The Dante Alighieri Association was established in San Marino in 2005 as a publicly mandated cultural agency. Its committee was re-established after 31 years since its dissolution, and a century since its first establishment. This non-profit Association, which has no political purpose, aims at safeguarding and promoting culture through the following activities: study and defence of the Italian language and civilisation; research in the humanistic and scientific disciplines; and comparison between San Marino's own experiences and those of other States and cultural backgrounds. Among the initiatives of the Association, worth mentioning is the project "Dante's Month", which is one of the events organised on an annual basis with the collaboration of San Marino Upper Secondary Schools. This event aims at establishing contact between teachers and students and the audience interested in a more in-depth study of its country's history and culture. Another initiative is the publication of the yearbook entitled "San Marino Identity - Reflections on liberty and democracy from a political, historical and cultural point of view", to which many citizens and friends of San Marino contribute with research activities and works. The Dante Alighieri Committee of the Republic of San Marino is part of a wider network made up of numerous similar foreign committees of about 80 States throughout the five continents, besides Italy.

Another cultural institute, the Alliance Française, has been operating for several years in San Marino and represents a real "cultural multinational" agency, with the aim of disseminating the French language and culture beyond the national borders, through multinational cultural activities. This private institute promotes activities in support of the French language teaching in schools and organises various cultural events, as well as exhibitions, concerts, meetings on the French language, traditions and culture, in order to promote exchange activities between the French and the Italian cultures. More specifically, the objectives of the Alliance Française are cultural promotion, education and training through various initiatives, such as debates, meetings, information and training, with a view to promoting integration on the territory of Italy (San Marino is one 54 sections existing on the Italian territory). Every year, on 20 March, on the occasion of the "International Day of Francophonie", the Alliance Française organises a cultural afternoon event in the French language.

This Association periodically organises special days for French teachers in San Marino and Rimini, in collaboration with the various Alliances of the surrounding areas. In this regard, the Association closely collaborates with the Ministry of Education, Culture and University: the proposals of the Ministry are transmitted to the teachers, who are encouraged to participate in the various initiatives, although without any obligation. Indeed, the Alliance Française has no government or public mandate, except for some specific cases defined from time to time (for example, some French language and culture courses have been organised for the officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs).

The State budget includes some specific items supporting cultural activities, both domestic and international, organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as activities organised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and University through the Cultural Institutions responsible to it: State Museums, Office for Social and Cultural Activities and State Library. Moreover, in particular cases, economic support is also offered by private entities, in particular by banking foundations. For further clarifications, see chapter 3.3 and chapter 2.1.

Chapter published: 07-10-2015

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