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San Marino/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

The programme of the current government - formed in December 2012 - expressively states that the external relations activities of San Marino should highlight the identity of the Republic as a State and its vocation to peace, dialogue among cultures, peaceful co-existence among peoples, respect for and protection of human rights and international co-operation. In particular, as far as the cultural policy of the State is concerned, it specifies that "investments in the cultural field must be based on an approach of continuity and overall development, with the objective of improving the quality of the culture of San Marino and its citizens". In order to do this, "consistently with the values upheld by the Republic, it is necessary to promote initiatives concerning peace, liberty, democracy, solidarity, civilisations, peoples […], together with research, international meetings, tourism". In the latter sector, the best possible enhancement of cultural tourism is vital for San Marino's economy in order to further strengthen the already existing synergy with culture as a growth and development engine for the entire country. General interest priorities at the core of cultural policies refer to the recent inclusion of San Marino in the UNESCO World Heritage List, for which the government "requires all public bodies, within their fields of competence, to contribute to the implementation of a plan of interventions aimed at increasingly enhancing, promoting, protecting, maintaining, managing and administering the interested property".

The general approach of the current government programme is in line with the preceding one, in that it recognises, among the strategic sectors for San Marino development, also the cultural one. This confirms the common feeling that the economic recovery of the country implies difficult and not always obvious choices in a situation of budget crisis. In particular, "cultural policy will have to be strongly geared towards the promotion and enhancement of San Marino cultural institutions and, […] fully aware of its resources and dimension, be involved in the most important international circuits". Moreover, besides the planned enhancement of public Institutions, more and more importance is attached to private initiatives, by identifying specific interventions and development activities to this end, the diversification of cultural offer, as well as interesting initiatives, such as some forms of tax incentives for those investing in cultural projects.

See also chapter 2.1 and chapter 4.1.

Chapter published: 07-10-2015

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