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Russia/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.3 Grants, awards, scholarships

In the 2000s, a new grant system rapidly develops both at the federal (presidential, state and ministerial grants) and regional levels (grants on behalf of the head of the territory); their importance is growing as they create opportunities to support proficient artists and aesthetic innovations. In 2007, the "Kandinsky Prize" in contemporary Russian art was established (, analogous to the Turner Prise or Le Prix Marcel Duchamp, with prize funds of EUR 55 000 and an international jury. Public awards may have an insignificant financial component but may still be highly appreciated.

Since the 1990s, scholarships and long-term grants for talented children and younger people originating from both public and private sources are available. There are special public grants for beginners in literature, play writing, visual arts, etc.

State grants and awards are given to well established and more renowned institutions, prominent artists and companies in order to support high quality productions. In 2010, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was due to pay out 1 879 million RUB in national grants, and 1 790 and 1 534 million RUB are earmarked relatively in the planned budgets for 2011 and 2012. There are:

  • 3 Russian President's Awards for young cultural actors (2.5 million RUB each, since 2011);
  • 25 Russian Federation Government Awards in Culture (1 million RUB each, since 2005);
  • 15 The Soul of Russia governmental awards for amateur folk artists (100 thousand RUB each, since 2007);
  • 10 Russian Federation Government Awards for Print Media (1 million RUB each, since 2005);
  • 8 grants for symphony orchestras and academic choirs (445.7 million RUB each year in 2007-2009), and
  • 14 grants in music arts (600.9 million RUB each year in 2009-2011).

Several Russian President's Grants were also established including those for:

  • professional companies in folk music and dance (316.3 million RUB each year to 6 companies during 2008-2010),
  • theatre art (347 million RUB each year to 6 theatres and 5 theatre arts higher schools during 2006-2008),
  • music (810 million RUB each year to 2 opera theatres, 2 Conservatoires, 3 symphony orchestras during 2006-2007, in 2008 the sum was increased up to 1 215 million), and
  • the Academic Russia Army theatre (51.11 million RUB per year during 2007-2009).

A hundred smaller Presidential grants (200-250 thousand RUB) for particular projects complete the list of 47 "bigger" grants listed above.

Chapter published: 21-02-2012

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