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Russia/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

The material needs of the artistic community in general are met via state supported Funds or divisions within the units of related Artists' Unions. In 2010, the culture Ministry budget provides for subsidies to support the Artists' Unions members that equal 80 million RUB. It is a result of collaboration between the Artists' Unions and administration and lobbying welfare issues. For union members, there are workshops at their disposal (for visual artists), focal points called e.g. "House" of actors or architects, higher quality medical services and temporary residential "Creativity Houses" at lower prices, networks of recreation institutions, etc. For example, the Theatre Workers' Union manages eight recreation houses and supports two care homes for senior actors.

Independently from the Artists' Unions, the special funds organised by world-famous persons are directed to support particular professional groups and the younger generation. Those funds established in Russia and abroad (like the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation or the Interregional Charity Public Fund "New Names") to raise money in support of professional development have become important actors in modern cultural life.

Chapter published: 21-02-2012

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