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Russia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

Legal acts in the field were established in the 1990s including the following laws:

  • Law on Architectural Activities in the Russian Federation (1995);
  • Law on Specially Preserved Natural Territories (1995);
  • City Planning and Construction Code (1998); and
  • Law on Environment Preservation (2002).

The laws concerned with natural reserves and other preserved items are aimed i.a. at protecting cultural and natural milieu from distortions and ruin. The Law on Architectural Activities in the Russian Federation regulates relations within professional activities in order to provide for secure and favourable milieu, support for the development of architectural art, and protection of the built heritage, historical monuments and natural landscapes.

The issues concerned with preservation of historical landscapes, regulation of protective zones and regimes of preserved territories are dealt with in the Land Code, to which all of the city planning documentation in the cultural heritage preservation offices must adhere. Renovation and restoration works for immovable heritage objects are placed on the list of licensed activities. Recently, the land property issues became of principal importance for preservation activities, however many cultural institutions have not properly documented their land rights.

In 2009, the Governmental Act introduced special subsidies from the federal budget to the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction intended to support fundamental research, provision of state-commissioned services to Russia citizens, and to invest in development of proper research, and productive and social infrastructure.

Chapter published: 11-04-2013

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