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The Concept of Long-term Development of Theatre Affairs in the Russian Federation until 2020 was adopted in 2011.

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Russia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music

Theatre workers were most successful in lobbying for their professional and social interests and were first to receive support from the Ministry of Culture based on special governmental acts, e.g. the Act on State Support for Theatre Art in the Russian Federation (1999). It introduced Theatre Statutes and special statements on funding of state and municipal theatres. Theatre professionals, for many years, lobbied for the special Law on state support for theatres but were unsuccessful. The administration believes that theatres can be self-supporting and it was expected that the Law on Autonomous Organisations would be firstly applied to theatres and performing companies, giving them more independence in allocation of income. In 2008, the State Duma dismissed the draft of the Law on Touring and Concerts in the Music Business.

In 2009, amendments concerning artistic works were introduced into the Law on Placement of Orders on Goods and Services Delivery for State and Municipal Requirements; however tendering remained obligatory for scenery and costume productions, which are considered a type of business activity. In 2010, special Parliament hearings were devoted to legal regulations needed for theatres and theatre workers again raised the issue of a special law for the theatre. As the result, it was proposed to elaborate a concept of theatre sector development until 2020 that could serve as a basis for drafting the law.

Chapter published: 11-04-2013

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