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Russia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.1 Visual and applied arts

General laws regulate designers' and visual artists' activities; special acts adjust restitution of art works, payment of authors' fees, sales of art works by authors and their acquisition. There are special professional deductions for materials and expendable supplies used by artists or writers who receive authors' fees or reimbursements for creation, performance or other use of artistic or literary work in the Taxation Code. Conflicts of interests in relations of artists and their Unions with authorities concerning their rights to keep their studios or exposition halls are sometimes very strong and regulated based on special juridical acts at ministerial, regional or local level.

In the 1990s, special governmental acts were produced on state protection and support for folk crafts as a form of cultural industry. In 1999, the Law on Folk Arts and Crafts was adopted in support of their development within the market economy.

Chapter published: 11-04-2013

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