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Russia/ 3. Competence, decision-making and administration  

3.3 Inter-ministerial or intergovernmental co-operation

Intergovernmental co-operation is among the basic principles of state governance. According to its statutes, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is to act directly or via its territorial units, in co-operation with the other federal bodies, regional and municipal authorities. Its interaction e.g. with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is determined by the tasks of elaborating policies and regulations in the field of arts education as the mass educational institutions are within the responsibilities of the latter.

Inter-ministerial co-operation in culture is also a result of an overlap of functions and institutions. For example, the Ministry of Finance sets budget regulations and delivers funding, thus defining the forms and extent of state support to culture and the mass media, while the Federal Customs Service regulates trans-border circulation of cultural goods. Many Ministries have also preserved their own networks of cultural institutions (e.g. clubs, museums, libraries, orchestras, theatres, etc.), while the Ministry of Education and Science manages the art education network for children and youth.

The Federal Target Programmes (FTPs), including those for sector, regional or ethnic cultural development, are budget instruments helping to organise inter-sector activities and some of them include a cultural component. The Ministry of Culture is a state commissioner-coordinator of the Culture of Russia (2012-2018) Federal Target Programme, which was elaborated by the culture Ministry and its Agencies and by the Federal Agency for Print and Mass Communications. The culture Ministry also participates in other FTPs including those for Development of Kaliningrad Region until 2014, Social and Economic Development of the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013, etc.

Chapter published: 11-04-2013

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