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Romania/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.5 Basic out-of-school arts and cultural education

Extracurricular activities are considered to be one of the favorite means of offering pupils the possibility to develop their talents or skills. In the out-of-schools arts and cultural education sector there are legal provisions that promote the extracurricular activities on a national level as well as the collaboration between schools, museums and the artistic world in general. Order 5567/2011 approves the organisation and operation of the establishments providing extra-school activity by providing a main legislative framework. Also within the Ministry of Education, The Lifelong Education and Learning Department has approved the calendar of national educative activities for 2012 and out of 13 sections, 7 refer to cultural subjects such as visual arts, literature , music, folklore and so on, (

In terms of collaboration between schools and the artistic world, a system that fosters the cultural education of pupils is developing. Therefore, within the framework of the administrative decentralisation, cooperation between museums and schools is encouraged

Chapter published: 23-08-2012

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