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Romania/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.1 Institutional overview

Arts education issues are placed under the exclusive authority of the Ministry for Education and Research (MER), according to the provisions of Education Law no. 84/1995. Currently, there are no collaboration protocols and mechanisms between The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MoCNH) and MER concerning the curricula, syllabus or the elaboration of education policy models.

According to Education Minister Order no. 5006/14.10.2004, there are four main pre-university specialisation circuits for art education in Romania:

  • choreography and dance;
  • film and theatre;
  • music; and
  • design, architecture and visual arts.

Generally, the main Romanian universities based in cities include Fine-Art Schools, Theatre Schools and Musical Schools.

Besides formal education, the Centre for Professional Training in Culture, subordinated to the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, represents an educational institution which offers a wide variety of courses for training specialists active in the cultural sector, such as Alphamuseology, library affairs, performing arts, conservation and restoration. Moreover, currently there are programmes in management and information technology ( For instance, its offer for 2012 comprises courses such as: cultural management, dance instructor, copyright in cultural organisations, librarian training and so on, see: (

Chapter published: 23-08-2012

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