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The Cultural Elevator is a new virtual platform of communication between young people and cultural institutions in Bucharest.

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Romania/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.2 Policies and programmes

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MoCNH), and its subordinated institutions, initiate and support policies and programmes to address consumption and participation. In 2006, the National Museum of Art of Romania developed, in partnership, the cultural project "Hai la muzeu" ("Let's go to the museum") in order to facilitate access to culture for underprivileged children's groups, involving special educational programmes (e.g. workshops on cultural themes).

Another project, entitled "Open Doors" took place in Bucharest in order to encourage young people to visit national galleries of art and the National Museum of Arts. The National Development Plan (2007-2013) states that encouraging cultural consumption for young people should be a top priority.

In 2009, MoCNH (Ministry of Culture and National Heritage) supported the project "Equal opportunities and access to culture. Museum, techniques for cultural inclusion of disabled people", developed in partnership with the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania and the High-school for Visually Impaired People.

Apart from MoCNH support, there are projects developed by different cultural institutions or NGO's with connections and interest in cultural sector. Among the most recent ones, there is the project "Run for Culture" initiated by Euro<26 Association in October 2009, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and MoCNH. Its objective was to stimulate access to culture for children, whether they belong to an institutionalised educational system or not, by granting discounts for attending or visiting the cultural institutions.

A current initiative (2010), implemented jointly by public institutions and NGO's, is "The Cultural Elevator" ( which represents a virtual platform of communication between young people and cultural institutions in Bucharest (museums, theatres, cultural centres, embassies, NGOs, art galleries, libraries, etc). Financed by "Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe", this project was set up by the Cultural Foundation ARTEX, having as partners: the Cultural House of Bucharest Students, the Centre for Professional Training in the Cultural Sector and the Council of RomanianYouth.

Chapter published: 23-08-2012

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