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Romania/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MoCNH) is the central authority responsible for drafting and implementing public policies via regulatory and non-regulatory methods. Subordinated to MoCNH are the County Services of Culture and National Heritage, which operate as decentralised services of the Ministry in all Romanian Counties

Other institutions / bodies responsible for drawing up specific sector policies are:

  • in the film sector: MoCNH, together with the National Centre for Cinema - a public institution subordinated to MoCNH;
  • in the audiovisual sector: the National Council for the Audiovisual Sector – an independent regulatory authority; in the intellectual property sector: the Romanian Copyright Office (ORDA) – under government authority and coordinated by MoCNH; and
  • in the national cultural heritage sector: MoCNH confers with the National Institute of Heritage (which encompasses the former National Institute for Historical Monuments), the National Commission for Historical Monuments, the National Institute of Research in the Field of Preservation and Restoration of National Heritage (Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Strategic Plan for 2009-2013).

Chapter published: 23-08-2012

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