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Romania/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.8 Social cohesion and cultural policies

According to the National Development Plan for the Cultural Sector 2007-2013, culture and access to culture are regarded both as a right and as a source of sustainable development. Social cohesion and the right to culture are regarded as cultural policy issues. Social exclusion / inclusion are major issues in Romanian society. There are various third sector actors that address the culture and social situation of marginalised groups. Such projects usually relate to neighbourhoods, prisons, Roma groups, orphanages or immigrants. One example of good practice is Teatrul Masca (Mask Theatre), located in a working class neighbourhood, which promotes open space shows, subway shows and runs children's education programmes.

Another example of good practice initiated by the NGO sector is Build your community!, developed by the NGO The Offensive of Generosity. The project was established in May 2007 at the initiative of community members and of artists involved in the project. For three years, the Offensive of Generosity Initiative experimented with practices of participative democracy in Rahova-Uranus. The artists involved in the project assumed the role of mediators between the Rahova-Uranus community and the local authority, generating spaces of public debate such as Speaker's Corner on the topic of housing evictions; The Summit of the Evicted 1 (16.10.2006) and 2 (20.10.2006) and Whose are the evicted? (23.07.2007) in order to set up short and long term solutions (see also:

Chapter published: 21-08-2012

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