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A major cultural priority is the programme for the next round of Structural Funds 2014-20.

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Romania/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

In terms of public policy, the duties of the Ministry for Culture and National Heritage relate to procedures for preparation, monitoring and evaluation of cultural public policies at central level. Since 2006, three proposals for public policies have been developed and approved. Areas within these policies that have been developed are:

  • the institutions and companies presenting shows and concerts; business entrepreneurship in the arts;
  • cultural facilities in rural and small urban areas; and
  • digitisation.

The priorities established by the Romanian cultural strategy for the period 2009-2013 are the following:

  • the preservation and promotion of national heritage;
  • the decentralisation of decizion-making process and administration;
  • providing support for the cultural and creative industries and also to the independent cultural sector;
  • improvement of the infrastructure and management of cultural institutions and establishments;
  • the capitalisation of potential of culture and cultural heritage as social inclusion factors; and
  • increasing the social role of religion.

Taking into account these priorities, three directions of activity have been developed:

  • strengthening administrative capacity and consolidating the legislative framework;
  • creating and implementing strategies and policies for development in the domain of culture; and
  • creating and implementing strategies and policies for development in the domain of religious affairs.


In 2011, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage initiated the first steps towards the establishment of the Operational Programme in the field of Culture. Its intention is to facilitate the programme's funding through the cohesion and structural funds included in the 2014-2020 EU budgets. As of early 2012 the new government made one of its priorities the "preparation of an operational programme dedicated to the cultural sector for the next budgeting period of the European Union Structural Funds, scheduled for 2014-2020". (

In June, the Romanian government adopted a memorandum regarding actions and documents necessary for the absorption and implementation of European Funds in the period 2014-2020 ( Based on this memorandum, MoCNH (Project Management Agency) has organised three working groups with representatives from: the cultural institutions, professional associations and civil society. The coordinators of each group will participate in the Consultative Committee for Tourism, Culture and National Heritage, created by the Minister of European Affairs. The priority of this committee is the creation of an Operational Programme in the cultural field.

Chapter published: 21-08-2012

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