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The Ministry has proposed a merger of the two remaining national theatres.

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Portugal/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.1 Cultural infrastructure: tendencies & strategies

The process of privatisation in Portugal can be seen particularly through: the successive laws on patronage and sponsorship; the Act establishing private radio and television stations; the Act creating state-sponsored foundations.

State corporations have been set up as a result of implementation of the Programme to Reorganise the Central Government Administration (PRACE, see  chapter 1) and the consequent changes in the Ministry of Culture's organisation chart. Of particular note is the merger of the artistic structures - S. Carlos National Theatre, the National Ballet Company - which produced OPART, a state enterprise entity. The Ministry of Culture presented in 2010 a further merger of the two remaining national theatres (D. Maria II National Theatre and the S. João National Theatre) - with OPART, but those plans were suspended.

Chapter published: 14-07-2011

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