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Portugal/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.6 Film, video and photography

In 2004, after a long period of public discussion, the Law on Audiovisual and Cinematographic Art (Law 42/2004 and Law 227/2006) was approved by the parliament. A new law has been the object of public debate, but has not yet been presented.

In 2007 the Investment Fund for Cinema and Audiovisual (FICA) was created (Order n. 277/2007). Among its various objectives, the Investment Fund aims to contribute to the integrated development of the audiovisual sector, giving preference to interventions oriented towards raising the sustainability of cinematographic and audiovisual activities, boosting the creative and competitive capacity of small and medium enterprises (SME) and increasing the penetration of works produced or co-produced by these SMEs into international markets, thereby increasing the added value of the sector and increased business opportunities. This Law extends the range of measures which support the cinema and audiovisual sectors by creating an investment fund that is co-financed by film and television distributors and operators, in particular cable TV operators. As with the new law project, alterations to the investment fund have been discussed (namely further extending funding sources to digital platform partners), but have not yet came into place.

Chapter published: 13-07-2011

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