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Portugal/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.1 Visual and applied arts

Rules for the state funding of the arts through the Ministry of Culture (Directorate-General for the Arts):

These rules were approved under Decree-Law 225/2006, of 13 November 2006, which defines its objectives as the consolidation and sustainability of a network of technically and professionally qualified independent cultural actors, allocated in a balanced way across the country's various different regions. The legislation defines the ways in which the ministry should intervene, with a view to tying its measures in with other sectoral policies.

This Decree-Law was amended by Decree-Law 196/2008 of 6 October, which introduced support for creative activities and cultural programming, or a mixture of both, which seek to compensate for weaknesses in terms of publication, artistic training, internationalisation and facilities.

Rules governing direct and indirect support for the arts as provided for in Decree-Law 225/2006, of 13 November 2006:

Government Order 1204-A/2008, of 17 October 2008, approved the regulations for direct and indirect support to the arts provided for in Decree-Law 225/2006, of 13 November 2006. It was amended by Government Order 1189-A/2010 of 17 November 2010, with the aim of specifying its objectives more precisely and clarifying the underlying concepts.

Chapter published: 13-07-2011

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