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Portugal/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

Law 159/99, of 14 September 1999 defines the framework for the transfer of responsibilities to local government, as well as setting the limits for central and local government intervention, thus establishing the principles of administrative decentralisation and local government autonomy. For the sector called "Heritage, culture and science" (Article 20), this legislation states that:

"1 - Municipal authorities are responsible for planning, managing and carrying out public investment in the following areas:

a) Culture centres, science centres, libraries, museums and municipal theatres;

b) Cultural, landscape and urban heritage in their district.

2 - Municipal authorities are also responsible for:

a) Making recommendations for listing or conservation orders for sites or sets of buildings, in accordance with the legal requirements;

b) Listing and issuing conservation orders for sets of buildings or sites which are deemed to be of municipal interest, and ensuring they are properly restored and maintained;

c) To take part, by means of agreements with public, private or co-operative organisations, in the conservation and restoration of heritage and listed buildings;

d) To organise and keep up to date an inventory of cultural, urban and landscape heritage within their district;

e) To manage museums and listed buildings and sites, in accordance with legal regulations to be defined;

f) To provide support to non-professional cultural projects and actors;

g) To provide support for cultural activities which are of interest to the municipality;

h) To provide support for building and conservation of local cultural facilities."

Chapter published: 13-07-2011

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