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Portugal/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.10 Gender equality and cultural policies

The Third National Plan for Citizenship and Gender Equality was launched in 2007 and will run until 2010. The Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality coordinates the implementation of this Plan in articulation with several government sectors. Regarding the culture sector, a working group formed by several members of MC bodies was created under the leadership of GPEARI.

In the cultural sector, the following objectives were outlined for 2008:

  • to ensure that equilibrium is maintained in awarding scholarships and grants, favouring the under-represented gender;
  • to ensure that criteria for awarding prizes in the cultural arena reflect a balance between genders;
  • to include the gender perspective in training cultural agents;
  • to use the state TV channel to promote the visibility of women's contributions in various areas of life, in particular Culture, History, Economics, Science and Politics;
  • to generate awareness of the need for equitable representation of men and women in public collections; and
  • to give added value to written work and creative and cultural production which respects the human rights of men and women.

Chapter published: 13-07-2011

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