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Poland/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.4 Higher arts education and professional training

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for arts education at third level. There are 8 music academies, 7 fine arts academies, 3 theatre and film schools and 5 branches or non-resident faculties in eleven Polish cities. In 6 provinces there are no art academies, branches or non-residential faculties. In the academic year 2007/2008, art academies educated 144 041 students (including 241 foreigners). Over half of them studied in the fine art academies. In 2008, there were 2 250 graduates. In addition to the existing public academies, private ones are being established. The European Academy of Arts, opened in 1992, was the first private university level academy in this field.

Examples demonstrating the implementation of the Bologna process in Poland are visible especially on the administrative side of education. Many higher education institutions have modified their systems of evaluating students' work. Since the academic year 2004/2005, university graduates receive special supplements to diplomas which contain detailed information about their education process, exam results, qualifications and also the number of gained ECTS points.

Thanks to the implementation of the Bologna agreement, several institutions have been modernised. One of these is the State Accreditation Committee which monitors and evaluates the quality of teaching in public and private universities.

Other positive impacts of the Bologna process include the increasing mobility of Polish students and many pro-European elements have been added to the curricula of arts and humanities faculties.

Since 1 October 2011, studying conducting, composition and music theory, directing, set design or conservation and restoration of works of art as a second subject is possible without paying fees. Regulations on this issue were obligatory due to the amendment to the Law on Higher Education from the 18 March 2011, and apply to full-time students at public universities.

Chapter published: 20-08-2015

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