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Poland/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.3 Grants, awards, scholarships


  • From the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage budget – the Minister of Culture can grant one year and 6 month scholarships in two intervals, to artists and performers in the following spheres: literature, fine arts, music and dance, film and theatre, preservation of cultural goods and dissemination of culture (including folk arts and cultural animation);
  • The Minister's of Culture scholarships for secondary-schools – for artistic accomplishment, for those having extraordinary school merits and that are recognised in national or international competitions. Candidates are chosen by school headmasters;
  • Minister's of Culture scholarships for arts academy students – for accomplishment at school. Candidates are chosen by rectors;
  • Thesaurus Poloniae – a three-month fellowship programme of the Ministry of Culture, implemented by the International Cultural Centre in Cracow. It is addressed to individuals who carry out research on culture, history or the multicultural heritage of Poland, both past and present, and broadly understood Central Europe. Both individuals who deal with management and preservation of cultural heritage in practical terms and those who carry out theoretical research in the area of heritage, history, sociology, ethnography and anthropology are invited to participate in the programme. Thesaurus Poloniae is divided into two categories: a "Senior Programme" addressed to university professors and senior lecturers and a "Junior Programme", addressed to PhD holders and doctoral students. A successful candidate for the programme will be granted a monthly fellowship of PLN 3 500, i.e. ca. EUR 850, for participants in the Senior Programme or PLN 2 500, i.e. EUR 600, for participants in the Junior Programme, as well as a one-off grant to cover the purchase of books and other research aids (PLN 1 500, ca EUR 400). Each year the International Cultural Centre organises two calls for applications for eligible candidates for the fellowship award. Three fellowships are awarded in each call; and
  • Scholarships for work-practice abroad for graduates and young employees (up to 35 years old) of Polish arts academies granted as a result of bilateral co-operation programmes in the field of culture and science.


  • Annual Awards of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage – awarded in recognition of life-long activity or for outstanding achievements in the field of: artistic creation, dissemination and preservation of cultural goods of a national or international significance;
  • Oskar Kolberg Award – awarded yearly in recognition of life-long activity or for outstanding achievements in the field of folk culture, including individual creativity (fine arts, folk literature, music, dance), folk music groups, research activity, documentation, animation and dissemination of folk culture;
  • Occasional awards – granted during special cultural events;
  • Culture Medal – Gloria Artis – awarded to those who are outstanding in the field of artistic creativity, cultural activity and protection of culture and national heritage; in three ranks; and
  • Benefactor of Polish Culture Award (see chapter 7.3).

Chapter published: 20-08-2015

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