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Poland/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

The Fund to Support Artistic Creation is generated mostly by income from the sale of artworks for which copyright has expired (the so called "dead hand" funds). According to the regulation of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from 24th February 2003, producers and editors are obliged to pay 5% of the gross income from the sale of the above mentioned artworks. The Fund supports artists in three ways: scholarships (6 and 12 months), subsidies for publishing and one-off grants. In accordance with the decision of 17 May 2010, The Ministry of Culture will also provide social assistance from the Fund to creators with artistic achievements. This is a one-off allowance, granted on the basis of application, for the artists in a difficult social or health situation.

Chapter published: 20-08-2015

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