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Poland/ 5.2 Legislation on culture  

The legal basis for cultural institutions is the Act on Organising and Conducting Cultural Activity of 25 October, 1991 (OJ 110, p.721 with later amendments and annexes);

It is essential that a new legal Act regulating the terms of organising and financing cultural activities in Poland is prepared. The one in force at the moment is being strongly criticised. The core of the current Act has been inherited from the planned economy system with its budgetary rules which constrains the functioning of modern cultural institutions. The consequence is that Poland has financially unstable institutions managed by directors who are limited in their autonomy. The paradox of the current Act is that it discourages institutions to seek additional sources of financing (income from private sources during a year cause a decrease of public funds in the following one).

Table 3:    Chosen Acts in the field of culture

Title of the Act

Year of adoption

Press Law of 26 January 1984

OJ 1984, no. 5, item. 24 (with later amendments and annexes)

Act on Organising and Conducting Cultural Activity of 25 October 1991

OJ 1991, No. 114, item. 493 (with later amendments and annexes)

Broadcasting Law of 29 December 1992

OJ 1993, No. 7, item. 34 (with later amendments and annexes)

Copyright Act of 4 February 1994

OJ 1994, No. 24, item. 83 (with later amendments and annexes)

Act on Museums of 21 November 1996

OJ 1996, No. 5, item. 24 (with later amendments and annexes)

Act of 7 November 1996 on Obligatory Library Volumes

OJ 2003, no. 152, item. 722 (with later amendments)

Act on Libraries of 27 June 1997

OJ 1997, No. 85, item. 539 (with later amendments and annexes)

Act on Polish Language of 7 October 1999

OJ 1999, No. 90, item. 999 (with later amendments and annexes)

Act on the Protection of Fryderyk Chopin Heritage of 3 February 2001

OJ 2001, No. 16, item. 168

Act in ratification of the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (Geneva, 20 December 1996)

OJ 2003, No. 50, item. 422

Act on Academic Degrees and Titles in the field of Art

OJ 2003, No. 65, item. 595

Act of 23 July 2003 on the Protection of Monuments and the Guardianship of Monuments

OJ 2003, No. 162, item. 1568

Act on Cinematography of 30 June 2005

OJ 2005, No. 132, item. 1111

UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (Paris, 20 October 2005)

OJ 2007, No. 215, item. 1585

Source:    The Official Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland.

Chapter published: 20-08-2015

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