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Poland/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.9 Employment policies for the cultural sector

There is no policy addressing employment in the cultural sector. However, the National Centre for Culture leads numerous programmes aimed at professionalisation of cultural workers in order to improve the quality of services offered by cultural institutions.

According to Eurostat, in 2009, employment in Poland in the culture sector constituted 1.4% of total employment. In 2008 women constituted 57% of total employment in the cultural sector. The data of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) indicate that, in 2007, over 162 000 people were employed in the sectors of culture, sport and recreation. Newer data were provided by Institute for Structural Research in the report "Economic value of the cultural sector. Introduction to the analysis." The authors state that in 2008 there were 260 000 people employed in the cultural sector and 375 000 in the creative industries. This corresponds to 1.86% and 2.68% respectively of total employment in Poland.

Chapter published: 20-08-2015

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