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Norway/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.5 Basic out-of-school arts and cultural education

The municipality schools of fine art / (kulturskole) make important contributions to the primary level of public arts education, which has been ongoing since the 1960s, and primarily started with a music education. On 5 June 1997, Norway formalised the municipality schools of fine art. The Act on Primary and Secondary Education, Section 13-6 states that: "All councils should, alone or in cooperation with other municipalities, have music/cultural offerings for children and young people organised in association with the school and other culture."

Today, the municipality schools of fine art provide an art education to children as well as adults. A total of 102 000 children attend a cultural school (2014), which is 14% of all children in primary schools.

Chapter published: 20-03-2017

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