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Norway/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.3 Grants, awards, scholarships

Schemes for grants and guaranteed income for artists are important instruments in the public artist policy in Norway. Grants and guaranteed income may potentially be allocated to all artists who primarily live and work in Norway. In addition to the support schemes for artists on the state level, some municipalities and counties have schemes for artists, but there are great variations among regions. The schemes for stipends and guaranteed income on the state level are direct and individual support for artists who are awarded for set periods of time. However, only a small number of the applicants are successful.

  • Guaranteed income: Renowned artists receive an annual income equal to the lowest level of the salary scale of the state minus a percentage of the artists' own income. Guaranteed income is awarded to all artist categories, and there are specified quotas for each category, with visual artists being the biggest group. The aim of the scheme is to give individual artists security and peace to work. When offered a guaranteed income, the artist will generally receive this income until the pension age is reached.
  • Work grants of 1-5 years: Artists, primarily creative artists, working on a defined project, or artists who want to devote all their working hours to artistic work, are awarded with a grant. Similar to a guaranteed income, the work grants are distributed according to defined quotas between various artist categories. Creative artists receive most of the stipends.
  • Work grants for young artists: These grants are awarded for 1-3 years to artists under the age of 35 who are at the stage of establishing themselves as artists. This grant is relatively new and was first awarded in 1998 as compensation for the elimination of the specific scholarship connected to art education (see chapter 8.3.4).
  • Grant scheme for the completion of art education: This scheme is awarded to art students on completion of their studies. It is limited to students who have received financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund during the last academic year and who have studied at selected colleges.
  • Grant scheme for educational and travel purposes: This scheme is substantiated by the artists' need to travel and for further education.
  • Deputy stipends are intended to give artists who are permanent employees in non-artistic areas the possibility of working full-time as artists for shorter periods of time.
  • Material stipends help artists to purchase materials necessary for their artistic work.
  • Establishment stipends aim to help artists under the age of 40 to establish themselves. The stipend must be used to cover investment costs.
  • Establishment stipends for writers and translators are primarily awarded to young writers of all categories, including fiction writers, non-fiction writers, dramatists and translators in an establishment phase.
  • Film recruitment stipends are awarded to those with an interest in film for educational purposes. The stipend must be used to audit film productions or other kinds of practical film work.
  • Exhibition stipends are given as support for publicly accessible individual or group exhibitions of working visual artists, crafts artists and independent photographers who can prove professional work in the actual field.
  • Stipend for elder, merited artists: this is a stipend you cannot apply for, but it is allocated by the Committee for Government Grants (for artists). The stipend is given to artists over 60 years old with no permanent employment and who are not supported by other support schemes from the state.

Chapter published: 04-08-2011

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