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Norway/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.10 Gender equality and cultural policies

Statistics on participation by men and women in various cultural activities demonstrate no radical differences in their use of culture and media. However, the percentage of men and women do vary between different types of cultural activities. While museums, concerts of popular music and sports events attract men to a greater extent than women, cinema, dance / ballet, theatre / musicals, art exhibitions, public libraries and concerts of classical music attract more women than men.

The latest survey on the economic situation of Norwegian artists (2015) shows that there is a small preponderance of female artists (52% / 48%). This has changed since 2006 when there was a certain male dominance. Some art forms are dominated by men (authors, dramatists, film workers, musicians and composers), while others have a predominance of women (artisans, stage directors and dancers).

A survey completed in 2002 shows that 33% of leaders in the culture sector are women. Compared to other sectors of Norwegian society (e.g. research, public administration, media and the business sector), this percentage is relatively high. From 1989 until the autumn of 2005, as well as from 2009 until today, the position of Minister of Culture has been held by a woman.

Chapter published: 20-03-2017

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