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The state budgets allocated to culture are still growing despite the financial crisis.

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Norway/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.1 Main cultural policy issues and priorities

The most important ambition of the previous government was to increase the share of the national budget allocated to culture to 1%. This resulted in a significant rise in cultural budgets to most parts of the sector.

The present right-wing government has not made any significant change in the current cultural policy, or in the cultural budgets. However, they have put more emphasis on private partnerships and private sponsoring of the arts. The most important initiative of such is a gift reinforcement programme aiming to stimulate private sector funding for art and culture in the form of monetary donations. That is, when culture organizations receive private donations, they may apply for additional public support. The present government have also emphasized talent development through a talent development programme established in cooperation with private sponsors.

The new government has also emphasized the autonomy of the arts. They wish to strengthen this through encouraging private funding, regionalization, fewer guidelines in funding agreements and a more diverse composition of advisory boards.

Chapter published: 31-01-2017

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