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Netherlands/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.7 Mass media

The government's media policy is meant to ensure that: (1) the media can operate independently; (2) a varied range of information is provided; (3) the media is accessible to every person; and (4) the media provides quality. A provisional law intended to avoid too much media concentration was axed recently, after a debate in parliament. The most recent media ruling, the Media Act 2008 [Mediawet], came into force in 2009. A major change compared with previous versions of the act is that the public broadcasters are now formally responsible for websites, digital channels, and services offered by mobile platforms as well as for radio and television. Furthermore, they are instructed to pay special attention to information, youth and culture in their programmes. The commercial broadcasters do not receive financial contributions from the central government, but the Media Act imposes a number of requirements on them as well. The commercial broadcasters are not allowed to broadcast sponsored news and at least 40% of the programmes must be produced in the Dutch or Frisian languages (see chapter 4.2.6; click here for more information).

Chapter published: 19-03-2017

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