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Netherlands/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.3 Allocation of public funds

The Cultural Policy Act 1993 regulates the subsidies based on cultural policy decisions and enables the minister to create funds to finance the arts and culture. These funds are operated at arm's length, and the minister decides the quantity of money reserved for them and she has to approve all arrangements. The Cultural Policy Act was subject to alterations in 2012, related to the restructuring of the subsidy system. As of 2013, the law for autonomous administrative bodies [ZBOs] applies to cultural funds subsidised by central government. Autonomous administrative bodies are part of central government, but they are not part of the ministry. Although they are autonomous, their tasks are laid down in law and the minister always has authority over these organisations. In principle, the minister is accountable to parliament for their decisions. Apart from the Cultural Policy Act, there are some sector-specific laws for implementing arts funding (see chapter 5.3).

Chapter published: 13-03-2017

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