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Diitrije Vujadinovic

Director of Balkankult Foundation

Balkankult Foundation
Karadjordjeva 33
21205 Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
Tel. 381  21 883 612



Dimitrije Vujadinovic is the co-founder and director of Balkankult Foundation. He worked first as a researcher and subsequently as the director of the Eco-Center in the Institute for Cultural Research of Serbia. He was Special Adviser of the Minister for Culture of Serbia in 2001. He is cultural researcher, author of 12 books and more than 50 comprehensive cultural research studies and 60 papers published in collections and periodicals of sociology, culture and ecology, in addition to numerous articles published in daily and weekly newspapers (member of the International Federation of Journalists IFJ, Brussels). Editor-in-chief in several publishing houses, including of the Cultural Policy Edition. Among his research projects, the following deal with heritage issues:

  • Great Cultural Manifestations in Serbia;
  • The Role of Cultural Foundations, Findings and Endowments in South-Eastern Europe;
  •  Bread - Cultural Heritage;
  • Regional Program of Integrative Restoration of Natural and Cultural Heritage;
  •  Development of private museums in Serbia;
  •  Folk Culture and Cultural Policy in Serbia;
  • Comparative research of Different Attitudes Towards Folklore Heritage;
  • Small Museums in Serbia Formed from Private Collections;
  • Mines of Culture - Preservation and Revalorisation of Industrial Heritage.

At present, he is preparing the documentation for an inclusion of the traditional bread in the Province of Vojvodina – Cipovka to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.