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Monaco/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.7 Mass media

See also  chapter 4.2.6 and  chapter 5.1.9.


  • Sovereign Edict N° 2 512 of 26th April 1961 creating a radio and television Broadcasting Council;
  • Sovereign Edict N° 264 of 8th August 1950 implementing the European Convention on radio broadcasting signed in Copenhagen on 15th September 1948;
  • Sovereign Edict N° 3 778 of 27th November 1948 to apply to radio broadcasting the stipulations of the act to protect literary and artistic works;
  • Sovereign Edict N° 3 779 of 27th November 1948 concerning the exercise of copyright in radio broadcasting; and
  • Sovereign Edict N° 8 488 of 26th December 1985 implementing in Monaco the International Convention on the protection of performance or productive artists, producers of sound recordings and radio broadcasting organisations, signed in Rome on 26th October 1961.

Chapter published: 01-10-2014

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