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Monaco/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

Various texts in force in the Principality regarding the protection of its cultural heritage are:

  • European Convention on the Protection of Audiovisual Heritage - 8th November 2001;
  • Amendment to the European Convention on the protection of audiovisual heritage with regard to the protection of television productions - 8th November 2001;
  • Edict N° 7705 implementing in Monaco the amendment modifying the Convention on international exhibitions signed in Paris on 22nd November 1928 - (Paris on 30th November 1972 and 16th May 1983);
  • European Cultural Convention - Paris, 19th December 1954;
  • Convention on the Protection of Cultural Assets in the event of armed conflict, with the Implementing Regulations - 14th May 1954. Amendment to the Convention on the protection of cultural assets in the event of armed conflict and resolutions of the Conference - 14th May 1954;
  • Convention on the Protection of Cultural and Natural World Heritage - 16th November 1972;
  • Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. - 31st July 2006;
  • Convention for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage - 17th October 2003;
  • European Convention on the Protection of Archaeological Heritage - (revised) - 16th January 1992;
  • Specifications and General Conditions imposed on building contractors for the performance of Public Works and Buildings contracts in the Principality of Monaco - October 1970 - ;
  • Act N° 1014 on the public sale of furnishings of 29th December 1928;
  • Act N° 1198 of 27th March 1998 on the Maritime Code;
  • Act N° 1277 of 22nd December 2003 on exhibitions of cultural assets;
  • French-Monégasque bilateral agreement; and
  • Exchange of letters signed in Monaco on 1st August 1977.


  • Act N° 922 of 29th May 1972creating a public establishment called "MuséeNational".
  • Sovereign Edict N° 5177 of 31st July 1973 on the organisation and functioning of the "Musée National".
  • Sovereign Edict of 19th November 1950 for the creation of the Postage Stamp Museum and appointment of its curator.
  • Sovereign Edict N° 11809 of 14th December 1995 for the creation of a Stamp and Coin Museum.

Chapter published: 01-10-2014

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