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Monaco/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.1 Overview of main structures and trends

With regard to international cooperation, the Principality has signed bilateral agreements with different countries.

In the sphere of education, there are many exchanges between secondary school pupils of Monaco and other countries designed to improve knowledge of cultural diversity.

In addition, the government occasionally grants loans to enable artists to exhibit or perform in other countries. Support is also provided for organisations, such as the Ballet of Monte Carlo or the Philharmonic Orchestra, to tour abroad.

Conversely, cultural activities from other countries receive a major welcome in the Principality which results in a large number of exhibitions and concerts given by foreign artists and performers.

According to the will of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Russian culture will be put forward in through numerous events organised in 2015. 

Chapter published: 01-10-2014

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