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Moldova/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.3 Associations of citizens, advocacy groups, NGOs and advisory panels

In the Republic of Moldova there are about 7000 registered NGOs, but culture is among the areas where the presence of NGOs is very modest and represents about 5% of the total number of NGOs, of which only 2% are active.

In such circumstances, an art market cannot exist, while the ability of lobbying and advocacy of the civil society from the field of culture is extremely weak. Financing policies are mainly focused on the financing of public institutions, while the non-governmental sector is practically neglected. The Ministry of Culture does not have a public policy on development of the private cultural sector, while the unique form of financial support is a fund of 2 million MDL annually, which is less than 1% of the budget of the Ministry of Culture. Funding of artists' unions and civil society associations takes place under the "Regulation on financing from the state budget of programmes, projects and cultural activities carried out by civil society associations", approved by the Government Decision No. 39 of 26 January 2009. In 2013 only 53 projects were funded, in the amount of 1 790 200 MDL.

Lately, through various cultural activities, the following organisations  manifested themselves: Cultural Policy Centre, Centre for Contemporary Art KSA:K, Moldovan Association of Contemporary Music, ARS DOR Association, Association Oberliht, Artists Associations "Papyrus-studio", German Cultural Centre AKZENTE, Theatre "Spălătorie", "Muzica nelimitată", etc.

The Association of Artists "Papyrus-Studio" is an NGO, operating since 1999 and aims to animate the artistic life of the Republic of Moldova through implementing new technologies and materials.

ARS DOR is an Arts and Professional Development Centre that provides consulting, training and capacity development programmes for the cultural sector of the Republic of Moldova. In this respect, ARS DOR Association contributes to developing and implementing cultural policies, initiation of advocacy campaigns and lobbying, by making research and developing analytical studies in the cultural field. At the same time, ARS DOR consults institutions from the cultural field in developing strategic development plans, provides training in cultural management and marketing, cultural resources mapping, project management, fundraising, etc.

In October 2011 a Convention on support and development of culture in Moldova was jointly signed by Creative Unions, cultural institutions and representatives of six political parties – "Culture 2015".

The aim of signing this convention is the modernisation and inclusion of Moldovan culture in the international circuit. The Convention envisages actions aimed to support artists and other professionals in the field, and foster cultural life in the country for the next four years, corresponding to the length of activity of the current parliament. (for more information see also chapter 4.1)

Chapter published: 11-03-2015

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